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Ben Mitchell

Nova Scotia
Good Day!

I am a science and technology studies scholar, a historian of science, and an aspiring academic librarian who is currently working at the Nova Scotian Department of Inclusive Economic Growth as a records analyst.

I am interested in the information seeking behaviours of, and services and supports with and for neurodivergent patrons, our stories and forms of learning and empowerment. I am also interested in systems of mutual aid, mentorship, and support for libraries and librarians.

I've published on topics like the history of the supernatural in literature and Alfred Russel Wallace's defence of spirit photography. Currently, I am working on a book-length monograph based on my dissertation contextualizing the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's relationship to "physiological relativism" in 19th century debates about education, genius, and early discussions that would go on to form the basis of modern theories of organic homeostasis.

My hobbies include playing Magic: The Gathering, various video games, and learning about special interests.

I have recently taught a course on Albert Einstein's life and times, and feel equipped to talk about that if there is an interest.

I look forward to virtually meeting you.

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